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Whole MindĀ Golf – Mental Golf Game Coaching is a completely unique and original experience for any golfer ready to move their game to the highest level they’ve ever played at.

Mental golf game coaching is a process where you, the player, dial in your mind, tap your full potential and finally unlock your full capabilities. My processes, strategies and techniques are unlike anything currently taught in traditional sports psychology. If you care to peruse my numerous testimonials they’ll speak louder than any biased statements I might make as to its effectiveness.

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It’s all about mental focus

  • Are you tired of haphazard play and a lack of consistency?
  • Crave to shoot your lowest score?
  • Get nervous on the 1st tee or under pressure?
  • Have those dreaded blow-up holes that ruin your scores?
  • Loose your cool on the course and struggle to stay calm?

The list of critical areas covered throughout this website, in the free member’s area and especially in the Elite Member’s Area is too long to cover on this introductory page. I can tell you that any issue plaguing golfers of ALL skill levels will be addressed and resolved as a member.

Your Mental Golf Game is the Key to Your Best Golf

The key to the best golf possible begins in the mind. It is your mind that determines when you pull the club away from the ball, the kind of swing you’ll make, the commitment to the target you have, the inner peace you play golf with and virtually every aspect of the game.

If you think this might be overstating things a bit let me ask you a question: Can you remember the last time you shot a really good score? How did you feel while you were playing? Were you chronically angry? Did you rush your routine from being upset with the last shot?

The answer to these questions is an obvious no, and we could go to the other side of the issue: were you relaxed? Did you have fun? Did it feel effortless? Was decision making not only easy but natural and unforced? Did you commit to each shot? These questions lead to an equally obvious yes.

Explore the site and join any open conversations or threads within the blog. Better yet become a members and start your inner journey that will definitely lead to outer improvement in your mental golf game in ways you can only imagine right now…