The Circle of Excellence - Pre-shot Routine the Golf Whisperer Way

Read the eBook first and then view the video. You may listen to this audio session after reading the eBook. It will improve your experience and the effectiveness of your integration of the material to view the video portion after reading the eBook and listening to the audio.

Here are the contents of this section:

EBook Section VThe Circle of Excellence – The Ultimate Pre-Shot Routine This is the culmination of Minding Your Game and taking everything to the golf course. The Circle of Excellence will have a tremendous impact on your ability to his the kinds of shots your dream of. To play the kind of golf you’ve always wanted to play. To perform to your highest capabilities, no matter your current skill level. This technique is so powerful aspects of it have been used by top athletes in every sport with phenomenal results.

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AudioDesigning Your Pre-Shot Routine Every top player in the game has a well oiled pre-shot routine. This process allows you to hit the best shot possible and grounds you into your own state of personal excellence.  The pre-shot routine is literally the launch pad for you playing your very best golf. I’ll walk you through designing the perfect routine for you.

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Video V - Designing Your Personal Excellence You’ll learn step-by-step how to apply and experience the Circle of Excellence and design the perfect pre-shot routine for you. Ultimately these will become one experience. Understand the relationship between the pre-shot planning stage and the pre-shot routine. Acquiring these strategies launch your game to a whole new level. Prepare to shoot the best scores of your life! Please allow approx. 40 seconds for video to load once clicked for first time.