Golf Mental Game Testimonials

Here are Just a Few of Many Glowing Testimonials from Amazed Members of the Whole Mind Golf Mental Game Coaching System. Every one of these is completely unsolicited.

“Wade, I want you to know that I find your course incredibly practical & easy to follow….my golf is so much steadier. My long-time problem has always been that I have tried too hard. In a friendly 4Ball I shot 1 over par at a Championship course here in the UK – & just needed 1 Birdie on the last 2 Par 5s. I was on in 2 on both bust just failed to get Birdie. In the past I would have been angry I did not get my Birdie but I am now much more relaxed. Needless to say it was my best ever round.

I have a number of senior friends whom I will recommend your coaching program to. I think your course is a winner. Incidentally, my oldest son bought me a book for Christmas on the Mental side of golf – recommended by EGU officials here in Europe, but it was very disappointing & of very little practical use.”

Ken Weights, UK

“I just finished the first 70 pages and all I can say is WOW!  I think I’ve found what I’ve been searching for some time. I’ve read numerous books, watched videos, taken mental profiles but none come close to explaining how to achieve the mental toughness and “FOCUS” that I am looking for.  This focus will help me immensely with my game and course mgmt. I would recommend this to any golfer that will commit to applying these principles.”

Doug  Rector, Maryland,
78 years young, Handicap – 7


Hi Wade,

“Your material far surpasses any “sports psychology” book I have read. It could serve as an inner game text book for golf and life. Golf is such a perfect metaphor for life and this book can go beyond the game.

Minding Your Game is the best inner game instructional book I have ever read in over thirty years as a golf professional at the highest level and I am personal friends with the well known mental game “gurus” on the PGA Tour and have studied all of their material over the years. I’m sure you know their names.

You can become the player of your dreams once you can learn how to let your mind work for you, rather than against you, like it does for most golfers. There has never been a champion who did not have a strong mind and possess the ability to control his thoughts and his focus.

Bobby Jones once said “If golf is worth playing, it’s worth playing well.” Minding Your Game is for the golfer who shares this opinion. It is comprehensive and explains the fundamentals of golf’s inner game more succinctly than anything I have read.”

Bobby McIver
Veteran PGA Tour Coach
Longtime Coach of Scott Verplank


“Hi Wade, whatever you did, it sure helped.  Fred Jr. didn’t have any crisis sleeping before the tournament over the weekend.  He was well rested on both Saturday and Sunday.  He scored well, even though he says he didn’t play well. He finished tied for first place, and got into a 4-way playoff, which he won on the fourth hole! It was great to see him so happy when he got home. We’ll definitely be doing more work with you.”

Fred, Palm Beach


“Your material has already really started to have an impact on my game; not only the quality of my golf, but the enjoyment that is to be found in the game. For years on the course I have been an emotional wreck – but your material has released me to be myself and to relax and enjoy my golf. You have provided me with a Bible for my golfing life and I thank you for that. I know that by using your material my mental resilience and ‘mental toughness’ will increase, and more importantly my enjoyment of the game will increase.

Thank you once again – it is the best money that I have ever invested in my golf!”

Terry Hoar – Handicap 10, UK


“Hey wade

Last week I got half way through your program and went out and played. My previous four rounds before using your stuff were 88,88,94,88. I went out on Sunday using some of the things I learned and shot an 83! I am looking forward to reaching my goal of 75. Thanx!”

Scott Adams, USA


“I am presently a 20 Handicap and shot a 89 yesterday in a match at my club. Crazy! I honestly couldn’t have done this without your coaching.”

Ed, Pittsburgh


“I just wanted to let you know I am still using your methods. I won my first golf tournament yesterday and finished fourth in my previous one. I am simplifying everything by focusing on having fun, breathing, visualizing and having a solid preshot routine.”

Gene Greenawalt, NC


“I am not normally one to send a message like this but I thought it the right thing to do… I bought your program a while ago and have applied things as you explained them. I have played off scratch or better for the last 25 years. On Saturday I shot 63 at Bearwood Lakes ( – Results are posted) in England and broke the course record in the monthly medal. The feeling of achievement was phenomenal. I was 8 under after 11 holes and…by applying these mental techniques I managed to keep it together and finish the round, eventually finishing 9 under.

Many thanks for your coaching material and I believe this can help anyone in the game to get more enjoyment out of it, no matter what their level of golf.”

Mark Bradley, UK


“I have been working with the Whole Mind Golf processes for the past 30 days and I have experienced feelings of confidence and relaxation on the golf course that I never thought was possible for me.  I’ve witnessed others feel and experience it before, but I just didn’t believe that I could actually achieve it.  As you probably know, there are no shortcuts to true success, but if you are willing to commit to learning the process, being open to facing your true inner thoughts as they currently stand and completing the mental exercises as taught, I believe that ANYBODY can experience the same results that I have.

As a 4 handicap (and trending much lower), I have played some good golf in my time.  But, I recently shot my lowest round ever (68) by staying committed to the many simple and powerful processes you teach.  I gave 100% of my focus and trust to what I learned in the Elite Member’s Area.  It really came in handy on the last 4 holes, which are the toughest to complete when you’re shooting for a personal best!

I actually felt very relaxed and confident and felt like no matter what happened, I was in total control.  I birdied 2 of the final 4 holes to shoot 68.  There is no way I could have sealed the deal without your teachings.

I know that this is centered around the game of golf, but it goes well beyond that.  As you points out, golf is a reflection of your true inner self.  I feel like my ability to succeed in other areas such as my relationships with my family and friends are also improved.  It makes you truly aware of your surroundings and teaches you to seek and focus on the things that you want, not what you don’t.

Most importantly though, it has taught me some valuable lessons about helping my children to reach their potential, to not be afraid and to go after what they want.  I am extremely excited about the future and becoming a master of the mental game.  Again, it’s not just about golf, it is much more than that!”

Hank Teryson, GA