Using hypnosis for golf is one of the most effective golf training techniques for improving your game. If you’ve ever mentally talked yourself into loosing a game by reducing your self esteem, or pressuring yourself into winning, or lost because of stress, then you are probably familiar with the negative affects. Self-hypnosis works to calm the body and mind so that you are concentrating fully on your shot and your whole golf game.

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Not What You’re Thinking

Self hypnosis does not involve spinning rocks, long periods of closing your eyes, or doing anything anyone tells you to. It involves focusing your concentration fully on a task until you aren’t interested in or notice anything else. It’s as simple as narrowing your world down to your golf game. You should clear your mind, relax and concentrate on golf. A self-hypnosis system can also include a recorded track such as a therapist talking, the sound of the ocean, your own voice or other soothing sounds.

Golf hypnosis requires you to lay back. It also incorporates you relaxing and listening to soothing music or a pre-prepared soundtrack that will put you in the right mindset. You  visualize your swing and imagine yourself aiming putts and being confident that you’re rolling the ball in the hole. You are a winner. Just relax, when you get up from your session you will feel calm, empowered and ready for anything.

Golf  After Hypnosis is Like Deja Vu

When you step onto the field, ready to play, these thoughts and the feelings of relaxation will come back to you. If you’ve ever been engrossed in a good book and looked up to realize an hour had passed, then you know the feeling you are aiming at for. Golf self-hypnosis works to transform and inspire your mental process in order to provide you with the positive and comforting thoughts that allow you to be a winner.

Those of you who are member’s of Whole Mind Golf know the power of a calm, relaxed, focused mind and how scoring becomes natural and effortless. This is the byproduct of the proper application of hypnosis for golf.