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The header image above is a picture of a scorecard from a client who shot his personal best score after using the Consistency Code System. He used the basic package called Golf Whisperer Base Package first – Get It Here – and then pursued the more advanced coaching sessions.

Of course you are welcome to do a starter training on Saying Goodbye to Nerves in your golf game here

If you look at the card you’ll notice he did this even with a bogey on the 18th. Needless to say he was a little excited to share it. If you’ve peeked at a few testimonials you’ll have seen a list of extremely satisfied customers.

The Elite member’s area is filled with proprietary video,  audio and written coaching sessions, newsletters and ongoing articles to get your game in peak form and keep it that way. But you must be an owner of the Golf Whisperer Package first. Once you’re an owner of this package you will receive details about the Elite Member’s Area and how to join.

You get immediate access to video, audio, a section of the Golf Whisperer coaching system ebook and 3 editions of my renowned newsletters during your very first lesson.

Oh, and there are 17 total lessons PLUS all the newsletters and articles! While there isn’t video and audio in every single lesson, each coaching lesson will take your game one step further into total mental mastery.

Your Game Will Improve Massively

I don’t pay lip service to that statement. It is literally impossible to complete Whole Mind Golf coaching system and not perform way, WAY better then you ever have before.

You see, this isn’t some amateurish “golf tip” website or another gimmicky training aid that will  supposedly shave 10 strokes off your next round or some other equally absurd claim. The Elite member’s area is a bona-fide,  legitimate, cutting edge, completely original mental game coaching process that will transform your game from the inside out. Guaranteed.

While my coaching does create amazing results, making claims that you and everyone using my processes will shoot course records would be a ridiculous claim. And although I am “selling” access to the member’s area and would value having you as a member, I won’t blow smoke in order to promote my material.

No Hype Needed

The fact you’re at a website like this and even reading these words suggests you are intelligent and are able to decide for yourself what is right for you. So I won’t insult your intelligence by saying “Once you take my course you’ll shoot 10 strokes less the next time you tee it up.”

The Elite member’s area is packed with coaching content designed for the real world and those who live in it…

If you want real, powerful and practical mental game coaching that isn’t fluff or “theoretical concepts and ideas” then becoming a member of the Whole Mind Golf Elite coaching area will exceed your needs in the area of mental game development. This is my open commitment to each and every golfer who invests their valuable time in applying my coaching methods in their game.

Your game will never be the same, I assure you…

If you’re already an Elite Member then simply login to get going!