The Fundamentals of the Inner Game

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First read this important information:

Each session leads into the next session in a natural way to accelerate your integration of the material. As you move through each session you’ll be building a rock solid mental game foundation. Your perspective of the game will change and so will your ability to play the way you know you’re capable.

I recommend you read the ebook section first and then view the video. The audio may be listened to at any time and as often as possible. Use your ipod, mp3 player and/or your computer with or without headphones, although headphones do enhance your experience.

Here’s an overview of the content in this section:

EBook Section IThe Fundamentals of Mental Game Development Learn how to open your mind to your potential. To use your mind at its peak you must first learn how to open it and keep it that way. This begins with understanding the 4 Stages of Learning and how to unlock your imagination. This is the first doorway to playing consistently great golf.

Download PDF Ebook Here - Right Click the link to download to your computer or Left Click to read online. Password to open the ebook is: lowerscores

Audio SessionAwakening Your Golf Mind This session opens your mind and all of your senses to your full potential as a golfer. First off you want to dial your senses into playing your very best and lay the mental groundwork that sets the foundation for your mental mastery.

Download Audio Here - Right click to download or just Left Click to listen through my audio player on this page.

Video I Unlocking Your Mind – The Key to Your Potential You’re coached on how to look at your mind properly and you’ll develop the awareness necessary for Minding YOUR Game. See Video below. The video may NOT be downloaded.

NOTE: Take your time and allow the material to become a part of you. Make it yours. This way it won’t be something you “think about.” You’ll learn to “act from” the place that lets you play your best. This is the key to real and lasting change in your game.