The short game is where the scoring happens. Ok, nothing earth shattering about that statement but seriously, this is where the rubber hits the road. It doesn't matter how well you drive the ball if you can't get up and down routinely you'll never shoot really low scores.

The only way you'd shoot good scores without a solid short game would be hitting every green every time you play. We know that's unlikely. So you need a killer short game mindset.

Conversion is King

When practicing here's what you're going to do after you've warmed up and hit a few chips. But don't hit more than 10 chips warming up before doing this drill.

Stage I

  1. Hit one ball to one target
  2. Hit your next chip shot to a new target
  3. Hit one more to another new target
  4. Grab your putter and go and make those putts

This drill is step one of developing the proper mindset for building a great short game. Mindset is everything. Even if your technique is flawless if you don't hole the putts your great chip is meaningless.

Stage II

  1. Move to a distance of a minimum of 30 yards
  2. Make a shot to one target
  3. Move up 10 yards
  4. Hit to new target
  5. Move up another 5 yards
  6. Hit to new target
  7. Go and make those putts

Stage III

  1. Hit one ball to one target
  2. Go and make that putt!
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 several times

So you'll do Stage III a least 5 times from a different spot each time. This is excellent for really getting you practicing the way you'll play and gets you more and more comfortable with the reality you only have "one" chance, which is more like golf.

Chip with Ultra Confidence

How do you look at the process of chipping? Are you trying to get it close? Or are you trying to hole it? Clearlyu some chips are tougher than other but your mindset wen standing over the ball is the critical element to having a world class short game.

I remember a friend of mine, Bob McIver, Scott Verplank's coach, was talking about how Scott went about chipping. He said Scott "always" visualized the ball going in the hole. He was always focusing on holing it!

I want you to do some work on this and implement this into your game. Practice thinking about holing every CHIP. Regardless of its difficulty. Then when you go to the course and play do the same thing.

Focus on Holing EVERY Chip

When you place your attention in a way that surpasses what you typically would expect from yourself you stretch your abilities upwards. It is a principle in life. When  Karate expert wants to break a board he doesn't focus on the board! He focuses on the "other side" of the board.

By focusing on holing every chip, over time, you will get the ball closer to the hole more often. And for certain you will hole more chips! I know for sure that when I go through any periods where my short game isn't up to par with my expectations I find that I had slowly but surely began placing my attention on "hoping" to get it close.

This creeps in and infects your confidence. Remember, your confidence state is first, then you chip with a clear sense of holing it. This will get each chip closer, as a rule, and give you way more opportunities to chip in. Players who just want to get it close, more often than not, leave the ball short of the hole.

Take these processes on this page and the mindset of holing every chip and your short game will improve for sure. DON'T OVER-COMPLICATE THINGS. Just do things as explained and experience the gains...