Preparation, Rhythm, Consistency and Nerves

Read the eBook first and then view the video. It is more practical to listen to the audio session after reading the eBook. Once this is done you may listen as often as possible and at any time.

Here are the contents in this section:

Section IV - The End of Nerves, Anxiety & Slumps When was the last time you got nervous on the golf course? Have you ever experienced a slump? This section focuses on specific processes and exercises to eliminate these score crippling issues. You’ll also explore what winning really means to you. How do you relate to winning and how does this relationship affect your performance? These powerful insights transform how you look at winning and give you the perspectives that encourage the very best from your game in the critical moments.

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AudioThe Slump Killer This exercise literally dissolves your slumps. It will transform how you view slumps forever and, more importantly, end any slump you find yourself in!

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Video IV - Preparation, Rhythm & Consistency Learn techniques to mentally prepare for your rounds and/or tournaments. Develop the skill of setting your own personal rhythm on the golf course and keep it. This is a key to consistency. If you plan to play the best you can and to shoot the lowest scores you can you must master these processes. Please allow approx. 30 seconds for video to load once clicked the first time.