Building a Winner's Mindset

Note: read the ebook first and then view the video. Audio may be listened to at any time and as often as possible. In future sections the audio will need to be listened to after reading the ebook. For now you are free to listen whenever you choose.

Here are the contents of Section II:

Ebook Section IIUsing Your Mind as it is Designed - You’ll acquire the mental skills of channeling your attention and master how to focus your mind. These simple but powerful mental processes change the way you play the game allowing you to free your mind to enjoy each shot, regardless of circumstances. You’ll also learn how beliefs are formed and what you can do to design new, more empowering beliefs for yourself and your game.

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Audio SessionBuilding a Winner’s Mindset - What is a true winner’s mindset? How is one developed? What do the best players in the world think while they’re playing whether hitting the ball well or not? In this sessions you’ll learn the key perspective on thinking like a winner and you’ll experience it in your game the very next round…

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Video II – The Foundation of Mental Mastery You’ll learn how to use your full mind in your game not just half brained golf most people play. Most players live in their left brain and some float on the right. What if you could learn how to play Whole Mind Golf? This section guides you into using your mind properly, as it was designed to be used.

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