Helen asks…

What are some links to websites to iprove the mental golf game and course management?

i am a 16 year old golfer and iv picked up the game in a year with a natural swing and have a handicap of around 4-6 and the problem i have is i let one bad shot get to me.

admin answers:

What the he** are these people talking about?!

Anyway, you should be congratulated for wanting to take your game to the next level. Any of the leading golf websites (the golf channel, golf digest, etc.) will have entire sections that focus on the mental aspect of the game. Golf professionals focus on game management everyday and so should you. You just need to study the game, study different professionals, read, read, read, and find what is going to work for you. It will eventually be a combination of a few different teachers ideas that works for you.

Lastly, any teaching pro worth anything will be able to teach you how to get the most out of your game. And of course shop around for a pro you like, which is far more important than a “knowledgeable” one.

Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

How much of a Golf Game is mental?

I have been playing for years and I practice a lot. But I am wondering if I am stressing to much every time I go up to hit the ball. A friend of mine has told me about a Golf Mental Conditioning Program that he listens to before he goes out and it works. He listens to it 30 minutes before he hits the greens. He always seems very relaxed and self confident. He plays pretty good too. What do you think?

admin answers:

Many pros have a mantra to help not get distracted by the last shot / hole.
– A good hole makes you feel bullet-prrof, and you try too hard next shot… And slice/hook it
– a poor approach shot gets you in a defeated frame of mind, and you add another 3+ shots to the hole
Whenever I tell myself “Avoid the water” the ball goes there like a homing misslie. A negative mantra is keeping the wrong message at the front of your mind.
My calming mantra is “Business as normal”

Jenny asks…

What are some good drills for the mental game of golf?

I am a 3 handicap who needs some mental help i often start thinking to much or just cant calm down an forget about one bad hole?? I need some tips to help my mental game

admin answers:

Everyone is different and techniques are different. When i have a bad hole i will tell myself “no harm done” ” I can get this back”. I will then call my shots for the next hole. Not out loud to others, but, i mumble to myself. I will call out the drive or tee shot I want to hit saying where it will start out and where it will land. I do this for each shot on the hole. I stay focused on hitting just that shot only. It keeps my mind free of other thoughts and it is amazing just how well you can hit the shot you have just called out. Many times you can follow up a trashed hole with a birdie or a good par. Stay positive with all of your thoughts and your actions. Allowing negativity to enter into your game allows disaster to creep in

Lisa asks…

I am a 16 and my mental golf game isnt good, what can i do to help this?

during the summer i shot around 37 38 for 9 holes. Once i got to the high school season, i fell apart, shot horable. Shot around 45 46, and even shooting some 50s. What can i do to help this?

admin answers:

When I was a freshman I had the exact same problem, I came from a summer season with shooting even par for 18 holes and under par a couple times, and then blew up when highschool golf came.

I’m assuming that your poor play has happened just recently this winter. It may be because of the lack of practice. It gets harder and harder to get practice hours in when winter comes because the hours get shorter. This means that you will have to practice smart, you’re going to have to stop depending on your swing and shots to score, and get your short game better to keep you more consistant and away from the big numbers. Winter also brings wind so you also can’t just not spend any time on your swing either. You want to find a balance between the two and try not to rely on one or the other to keep your score down.

As for your mental game side, its all a matter of confidence. When you get on the course, don’t think about any swing thoughts. Just know that you’re on the tee box, and you want it to go in the hole within _ strokes. Point A to point B, doesn’t matter how you get there. So with that said, nobody said you had to hit fullswing shots all the time. Go one club up and imagine/FEEL like you’re hitting a 50 yard pitch with your sandwedge. Trust me, even I do this when I’m not hitting good in a tournament. When you start missing putts, stay patient, tell yourself that you’ve made a good stroke, and thats all you can do. The subtle differences with the grain can make the ball bump offline and not go in.

Good luck.

John asks…

Mental Golf Game? – Is this an answer?

Hello everyone. I need your help. I love to play golf but sometime my golf game gets the better of me. I get very frustrated over the game. I know that sometimes I play bad because I let a bad day at work get to me. I don’t think my clubs can take much more of me pounding them into the ground.

My dad sent me a link to a CD program that you listen to for 30 minutes a day and it is suppose to relax you and help your mental game. I know my dad has used programs like this in the past and they have worked for him. I would appreciate your input. Also, the program is only $44.97. Not a lot of money and I can send it back if I don’t think it’s working.


Thanks in advance for your input!
LoL- and no my dad is not trying to get me into a pyramid scam.

admin answers:

Yes these things work if you apply them. So many people buy stuff use it once and say it is crap.
Don’t buy it on the basis that you can return it. You will need to do it over and over again.
My favorite is Michael Anthonys Mental Keys.
Check out the Mental Game at http://www.playthelie.com

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